ARTEM was founded in Ankara in 1984 under the name of "Artem Corporate Structures Service Management". ARTEM is currently providing cleaning and facility management services.

As one of the leading companies in the sector with its high labor standards, service quality, trained staff, sectoral service plans, selected environment-friendly cleaning products and equipments with advanced technology, our company has taken an active role in Ankara Chamber of Commerce’s Occupational Standards Commissions and led the first establishment of the first Association in the sector and created first sectoral standards .

ARTEM has always been a company that makes a difference in the service sector by approaching genuine business designs in Turkey and by following the latest international practices and techniques .

ARTEM provides services throughout Turkey and has expanded its range of services by the end of 2011 , now continues its operations as ARTEM Tesis Yönetimi ve Hizmetleri A.Ş .

ARTEM is providing a wide range of services such as cleaning, security, catering, pest control, plant care, landscape, support services, hotels and laundry services, snow removal and technical support services.

Our Vision of the Future

Our vision of the future is “creating constant and permanent values for sustainable success and being an internationally recognized and respected , leading company.”

What we consider as Our Duties

We esteem in the duty to lead the way by continuously investing in the fields in which we operate and in customer-oriented service approach in order to produce solutions that exceed expectations. We give importance to establish productive cooperation with all our components, always act with responsibility towards the environment and the society, bounding the principles of business ethics in all circumstances.


ATALIAN Global Services

ATALIAN is the European leader in multi-services with 25,000 clients and 55,000 employees. Our global service to companies and local authorities is structured around eight business lines to make it possible to outsource most of the management of support functions such as multi-technique and facilities management, reception, security, landscaping, cleaning, airport assistance, construction works and transportation.

Thanks to its eight business lines, ATALIAN can cater in-house to 85% of services delegated to companies and local authorities.

Created in 1944, ATALIAN is an independent French family-owned group. The company demonstrates a clear entrepreneurial spirit by making the multiservice a global service and combining this global service with specialization and expertise.

From its core business in the 50’s – cleaning services – Atalian started its diversification in the 70’s and expand further its operation throughout Europe as of the year 2000. Atalian is now established in 9 countries in Europe – France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Romania – plus Morocco, Lebanon, Mauritius and now Turkey.

ATALIAN Global Services
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