Artem offers you all-in-one services in response to your Facility management requests

Our professional team works in order to make glamorous all kinds of facilities with perfect cleaning.

Knowing that you're safe wherever you are, keeps you peaceful internally.

We bring delicious food to your plate for your delicious conversations.

Pest control necessitates particular attention and continuity.

We design the aesthetical beauty of your environment in accordance with the nature and architecture.

ARTEM gives you support in any subject that is different than your core business.

With housekeeping and laundry services, the specialized hotel cleaning staff of ARTEM pays special attention to the comfort of your guests.

When your roads are closed with snow in winter, we are ready to remove it with our technological snow removal vehicles.

ARTEM's specialized and certificated staff recognizes technical problems in your facility immediately and offers quick and secure solutions.

  • Facility Management

    Your Solution Partner in
    Facility Management

  • Cleaning

    Value-Adding Solutions

  • Security

    A Safe and Peaceful Life

  • Catering Services

    Taste the beauties of life

  • Pest control

    Insect and rodent control

  • Plant Care, Landscaping

    Nature requires the touch
    of an artist.

  • Support Services

    We store it and carry it for you

  • Hotel Services

    The comfort of working with Artem

  • Snow Removal

    You won't feel winter on the road

  • Technical Support Services

    Immediate solutions with specialized technical staff

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ATALIAN Global Services
AtalianATALIAN Global Services is an European-based Group providing facility solutions. Employing 55,000 people and serving over 25,000 sites worldwide, ATALIAN is now in the European top 3 of services providers. Being a multiservice provider, ATALIAN focuses its operations on delivering 85% in-house services. This global service to companies and communities today revolves around eight expertise that allow outsourcing support functions such as cleaning, multi-technical maintenance and facilities management, reception, airport assistance, safety & security, landscaping, construction works and transportation.