Invisible Heroes of your Happiness


We believe in institutionalization

The leading factor of the determination for ARTEM Human Resources (HR) policy is 'institutionalization'. We believe in the importance of institutionalization, and we consider it as a 'continuous improvement journey'. The implemented HR practices and steps forward from past to the present, have enabled us to reach many of our goals, from continuous development to sustainable growth, equality, efficiency, enterprise performance management, and the success of the team.

Our strength comes from our employees

HR systems and processes in our company are implemented in a fair, objective, transparent and effective manner, equally for all of our employees. We support our innovative and qualified workforce with our HR systems that support the increase of productivity and motivation.

The common attributes of our employees which make up our institutional strength are:

• Effectiveness in decision making processes
• Openness to change and innovation
• Developing themselves and the company continously
• Managing the information
• Adopting the goals and the management approach
• To be result-oriented
• Taking responsibility and initiative